On the 1st of February 1912 a little school was born. It was known then as the Florida Road Government School. It began with thirty learners in the infant range and Mrs Nelson Palmer was the first headmistress. The school quickly gained a high reputation which we confidently claim it still maintains today.

By August 1913 numbers were up to one hundred and eighty one and before a further two years had passed accommodation was stretched to bursting point. On the first February 1917 the school moved to its present premises and became known as Gordon Road Government School and the school boasted 158 girls and boys from Class I to Std 4. In 1918 the first school library was opened with eighty-eight books. Std VI was introduced in 1923 and by 1925 there were 545 pupils.

1927 saw the addition of the new office for the principal and the tennis courts. The fig trees planted around the courts at this time are still a splendid asset to our grounds.

In 1934, Gordon Road as it is today became apparent - uniforms were introduced and 1938 saw the end of the boys as pupils at Gordon Road. In 1948 the infants block was built and "The Shed", as it is still affectionately called, became the Music Room.

The Hall was completed in 1961 and the swimming pool was built in the early 1970's. 

There have been twelve principals and the last few years have seen some changes in the outward face of Gordon Road, but the ethos of the school remains unchanged and there is a wonderful blend of the old and the new.

Gordon Road Girls’ School Educational Trust Pre School has a sound record of education for girls from Grade 000 – 0.  The Pre School houses are conveniently situated next door to the main campus.  From Grade 1 – 7 a wide variety of co-curricular activities are offered to the girls, but the school's greatest strength still lies in its well-balanced academic programme. A thoroughly modern school which embraces the values and wisdom of the past, with innovative educational programmes and technology. 

The girls benefit from the high standard of Visual Art, Music and Speech & Drama. The two Media Centres boast thousands of books and we have a fine ICT Suite as well as a Learner Support Centre.   

We celebrated our Centenary in 2012 - Birthday celebrations were held on the 1st February that year, and "Look Back with Pride" the story of GRGS was launched.  Gordon Road old girls and friends of the school attended a commemorative tea.

The Learner Support Centre was built in 2015 and opened its doors on the 13th January 2016.  


Over 104 years, this school has laid a firm foundation for thousands of young citizens and has served our city well. The achievement of the past augurs well for its continued prestige and we look to the future with confidence.