Gordon Road Old Girls'Association (GROGA)


Dear Past Pupils and Friends

I trust you are all well, and have had a prosperous first half of the year. Time does fly and I apologise for the delay in correspondence. It has been a busy year, but not without some milestones to mention.

Pauline Goldberg, who we currently always refer to as out ‘Golden Girl’, recently celebrated her 100th birthday. Our current principal Mrs Jonathan, previous principal Mrs Johnstone, and myself went to visit her on her birthday along with some of our young GRGS ladies. It really is reason to celebrate such an incredible milestone, and we as Gordon Road were happy to share in some celebrations with Pauline.

Patrick Coyne, another dear friend of GRGS, is due to celebrate his 91st birthday in October. We wish you well, Pat, and look forward to celebrating with you.

It is also with sadness that we heard of the loss of Frances Marks. Some of you may remember Fran, as both a GRGS parent to her daughter Rose-Lee (Grade 7 in 1999), but also for her work as a vivacious and dynamic Drama teacher in the 90s. We honour her memory and send love to those close to her.

Hear ye! Hear ye! The date is set for our annual GROGA Tea and we would love you to join us. It will take place on the morning of Saturday 7th September at 09h30.

As a tradition, we will enjoy our special morning in the Helen Knight Hall. It promises to be a great morning with friends of old, with tea and great entertainment provided lovingly by current GRGS girls and staff. I remind you that this morning is where we welcome all past pupils of GRGS back through its gates; whether you were here in 1967, 2007 or 2017, we want to see you there!

I also encourage you, if you are a regular attendee, to bring along a friend or two. Our primary school years were, for many of us, some of the most formative, valuable and happiest years of our lives. It is such a privilege to belong to a school family which invites you back to celebrate you and your years spent here. It is also a valuable thing to take time to look back and remember where we have come from; it often serves to help shape where we are going, and the manner in which we go.

Please RSVP to enquires@grgs.co.za or 031 3032628 if you are able to join us.

Best wishes and hope to see you soon.

Jane Magner

GROGA Chairlady